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  • positive review  I have worked with Anorganik on several projects (FOMO Mozifilm score mastering, Magnetifique album mastering and the latest Csaknekedkislány album mastering) We have worked on very different styles of music that demand different approaches, and he always delivered superb results. With fast and flexible workflow and excellent communications. I can't wait for the next opportunity to do some projects together again.

    Dávid Konsiczky Avatar Dávid Konsiczky
  • positive review  A master of his trade, Mr Anorganik has been our go-to guy for years. Always high-quality, on time and reliable, he's a pleasure to work with! Peter Soltesz from AM:PM Music punnany massif MYRA Monoka Saverne Perrin

    Peter Soltesz Avatar Peter Soltesz
  • positive review  He has mixed and mastered my entire recorded output (DJ Bootsie), a trusted colleague from the very start. He is meticulously precise, fast, incredibly professional - he knows no impossible! And he is a very good friend, too ;)

    Vilmos Solymosi Jr Avatar Vilmos Solymosi Jr
  • positive review  Gyors, pontos, megbízható....egy szóval Deutsch!

    Szőcs Gergő Avatar Szőcs Gergő
  • positive review  He's been my go to guy for mastering from the start, working on almost all of our (Mary PopKids) records! Meticulous, fast and reliable, he's a true master of the craft!

    Kamau Makumi Avatar Kamau Makumi
  • positive review  Nagyon Profi es gyors munka. Végeredmény perfect 😊. Lesz meg kozos project 😁

    Tibor Nánássy Avatar Tibor Nánássy
  • positive review  Just finished my second album "Wishful Thinking" with him. Excellent and fast work, brilliant sound, friendly communication. Absolutely pro! peace & respect gelka

    Csaba Kürti Avatar Csaba Kürti
  • positive review  We wandered around some mastering studios and came back here again. There might be one of the best sounding masters we've ever gotten back! If you are willing to pay the cost, we recommend "Stem Mastering" for the best mastering. Please visit here for a preview: I would like to warm thank from label on Tokyo, JAPAN!!🙏

    Hiroshi Fukuma Avatar Hiroshi Fukuma
  • positive review  A professional mastering engineer with pure energies🌼🌸✨It's always a pleasure to work with him!

    Dorina Takács Avatar Dorina Takács
  • positive review  He is the final touch that your mix is starving for. Try it and never look back.

    Gabor Goncz Avatar Gabor Goncz

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Junkie XL: Today (Yonderboi remix)

Junkie XL: Today (Yonderboi remix)

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