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  • positive review  Gábor mastered my band's first LP. The communication and the whole process was fluent, besides, his precise work left the anticipated effect on the final product. Thank you!

    Dénes Török Avatar Dénes Török
  • positive review  Quick and High Quality mastering!

    Attila Lukács Jr. Avatar Attila Lukács Jr.
  • positive review  We have released my first album. I'm glad to work together anorganik mastering. It was a great time and nice experience with him :)

    Gabor Csirmaz Avatar Gabor Csirmaz
  • positive review  Nagyon Profi es gyors munka. Végeredmény perfect 😊. Lesz meg kozos project 😁

    Tibor Nánássy Avatar Tibor Nánássy
  • positive review  Gábor is a real fanatic of sounds and beats (and bytes :) He's working fast, reliable and the final sound is always nice and overwhelming! ⚛️

    Zságer Balázs Avatar Zságer Balázs
  • positive review  He's been my go to guy for mastering from the start, working on almost all of our (Mary PopKids) records! Meticulous, fast and reliable, he's a true master of the craft!

    Kamau Makumi Avatar Kamau Makumi
  • positive review  Working with Anorganik is pretty easy, he always gives you options in direction, and understands what your songs need. He cleans up and and makes my songs commercially ready while keeping the original artistic character I intended. He's a chill dude who understands and feels music too (very important), so highly recommended for any artist!

    Dániel Kővágó Avatar Dániel Kővágó
  • positive review  Gyors, pontos, megbízható....egy szóval Deutsch!

    Szőcs Gergő Avatar Szőcs Gergő
  • positive review  Excellent job, excellent communication, professional attitude.Exact deadline, and the result is always sounds great!

    Barnabas Jonas Earnie Avatar Barnabas Jonas Earnie
  • positive review  He is the final touch that your mix is starving for. Try it and never look back.

    Gabor Goncz Avatar Gabor Goncz

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DJ Bootsie: The Silent Partner

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