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  • positive review  Anorganik has mixed and mastered my latest LP (Kool Kasko - Ultra K), and delivered an excellent job. He is always professional, quick and accurate and really easy to communicate with. If you down with asian food, he might drop you some fine recipes as well. Salute my G!

    Krisztian Bognar Avatar Krisztian Bognar
  • positive review  The best mastering offer around. Superb quality.

    Peter Kovary Avatar Peter Kovary
  • positive review  Bring on a good mixes and Gábor elevates it to a high level of sonic experience. Always great to work with him, also he is pretty fast!

    Imre Poniklo Avatar Imre Poniklo
  • positive review  Nagyon Profi es gyors munka. Végeredmény perfect 😊. Lesz meg kozos project 😁

    Tibor Nánássy Avatar Tibor Nánássy
  • positive review  I have worked with Anorganik in many projects. He is a real pro both technically and musically. He ads a lot to whatever he works on. I highly recommend to work with him.

    Barabás Lőrinc Avatar Barabás Lőrinc
  • positive review  Not just precise but also fast, working on my tracks for ages for obvious reasons. 😉 If you need proper mastering he is your man ✌️

    Tamas Papp Avatar Tamas Papp
  • positive review  He has mixed and mastered my entire recorded output (DJ Bootsie), a trusted colleague from the very start. He is meticulously precise, fast, incredibly professional - he knows no impossible! And he is a very good friend, too ;)

    Vilmos Solymosi Jr Avatar Vilmos Solymosi Jr
  • positive review  A professional mastering engineer with pure energies🌼🌸✨It's always a pleasure to work with him!

    Dorina Takács Avatar Dorina Takács
  • positive review  Working with Anorganik is pretty easy, he always gives you options in direction, and understands what your songs need. He cleans up and and makes my songs commercially ready while keeping the original artistic character I intended. He's a chill dude who understands and feels music too (very important), so highly recommended for any artist!

    Dániel Kővágó Avatar Dániel Kővágó
  • positive review  We wandered around some mastering studios and came back here again. There might be one of the best sounding masters we've ever gotten back! If you are willing to pay the cost, we recommend "Stem Mastering" for the best mastering. Please visit here for a preview: I would like to warm thank from label on Tokyo, JAPAN!!🙏

    Hiroshi Fukuma Avatar Hiroshi Fukuma

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