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  • positive review  We wandered around some mastering studios and came back here again. There might be one of the best sounding masters we've ever gotten back! If you are willing to pay the cost, we recommend "Stem Mastering" for the best mastering. Please visit here for a preview: I would like to warm thank from label on Tokyo, JAPAN!!🙏

    Hiroshi Fukuma Avatar Hiroshi Fukuma
  • positive review  Quick and High Quality mastering!

    Attila Lukács Jr. Avatar Attila Lukács Jr.
  • positive review  Not just precise but also fast, working on my tracks for ages for obvious reasons. 😉 If you need proper mastering he is your man ✌️

    Tamas Papp Avatar Tamas Papp
  • positive review  Gábor is a real fanatic of sounds and beats (and bytes :) He's working fast, reliable and the final sound is always nice and overwhelming! ⚛️

    Zságer Balázs Avatar Zságer Balázs
  • positive review  I have worked with Anorganik in many projects. He is a real pro both technically and musically. He ads a lot to whatever he works on. I highly recommend to work with him.

    Barabás Lőrinc Avatar Barabás Lőrinc
  • positive review  A master of his trade, Mr Anorganik has been our go-to guy for years. Always high-quality, on time and reliable, he's a pleasure to work with! Peter Soltesz from AM:PM Music punnany massif MYRA Monoka Saverne Perrin

    Peter Soltesz Avatar Peter Soltesz
  • positive review  Perfect sounds, fast works! ;)

    Tóth Zoltán Avatar Tóth Zoltán
  • positive review  Gyors, pontos, megbízható....egy szóval Deutsch!

    Szőcs Gergő Avatar Szőcs Gergő
  • positive review  Nagyon Profi es gyors munka. Végeredmény perfect 😊. Lesz meg kozos project 😁

    Tibor Nánássy Avatar Tibor Nánássy
  • positive review  A professional mastering engineer with pure energies🌼🌸✨It's always a pleasure to work with him!

    Dorina Takács Avatar Dorina Takács

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Muzzaik: Between The Beats

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