Stereo Mastering

What is it about?

Stereo mastering is an audio post-production phase and it aims to obtain the best sounding before electronic publishing to optimize your records for different data storage devices and players. In addition, this process makes sure that your songs have a similar or consistent sounding on the same album. Stereo mastering always assumes that you have already mixed your song – it works with one stereo track of a given song.

When is it recommended?

If you are already satisfied with your final mix and overall sounding. Mastering can make your song sound more professional; however, it cannot correct conceptional mistakes. For example, you cannot improve the dynamics or sounding of a single instrument without affecting the complete music material.

How to prepare your song?

Format: WAV or AIFF/ 24bit 44.1 or 48kHz sample rate

Preparations: WITHOUT MasteringEQ / Compressor / Limiter on the stereo track; NO Dithering (maximum peak: -3 dB)

Naming: Please make sure that your track is properly named, including the artist, title AND the bpm of your song.

Example: Artist-SongTitle_(Stems)

File Compression: All WAV/ AIFF files above 150 megabyte should be compressed into APE (prg:WIN,OSX) or FLAC (prg:WIN,OSX) format, and these should be together archived into a zip. Please send your zip file via WeTransfer (email address:

Sound Alike: If you have a favourite song that sounds similar to what you would like to achieve, please also send this referential track (minimum format: 192kbps mp3). Name this track according to the following example:

Reference_Artist-SongTitle_XXXkbps.mp3 (or .WAV, or .AIFF)

Send Your Files